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Safety Certifications: API Safety Key Program, ICC, and Manufacturing Certifications

Fueling System Construction

System Upgrades

  • Environmental compliance upgrades

  • Enhanced Vapor Recovery (EVR)

  • Site remodel

  • Dispenser installations

  • Underground/Aboveground Tank (UST/AST) equipment, installations, and/or removals

Facility Repairs

  • Electrical and concrete work

Fueling System Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance

  • Meter calibrations

  • Filter changes

  • Fuel cleaning and polishing

  • Dispenser servicing

Fueling System Repair

  • EVR components

  • UST/AST monitoring systems

  • UST/AST repairs

  • Underground piping

  • SB989 repairs

Compliance Testing

  • Fueling system annual monitoring certifications

  • Air quality management district compliance testing

  • SB989 secondary containment testing

  • Leak detection and investigation

    • Helium testing​

  • Shear valve testing

  • Spill bucket testing

Some of our testing services include petroleum dispensing facilities, along with UST/AST and other fuel system components.

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